Organic Superfood and Fruits

Premium quality Superfoods and Fruit products from Sri Lanka offered by us in different varieties. The offered portfolio of Superfoods and Fruit products is 100% organic and produced naturally without downgrading their nutritious values.

Young Jackfruit

Young Jackfruit has quickly become a star in the world of vegan cuisine, and for good reason. Once cooked, this savory fruit’s fibrous texture makes for a perfect meat alternative. Grown in bio-diverse organic orchards in Sri Lanka. This is a premium quality product, with no added sulphites or GMO ingredients, making it a healthier choice that sure to please.

Green Banana Flour

Green Banana flour is gluten-free and a source of fiber. It has a hint of banana flavor but once it becomes baked into your final creations the taste has an earthy wholesome flavor. During the maturation process, the fruit is rich in one type of resistant starch that does not undergo digestion or absorption and behaves like soluble fiber in the body, including producing substances that are beneficial.

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